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Our company can offer maintenance and repairs of desk clamped to the molding machines. We carry out the maintenance and repairs of the desks directly on machine location. The maintenance does not require disassembly or re-assembly of the molding machine. The main benefit of our new technology of mobile grinding is reduction of maintenance downtimes. Thus, the reduction of downtime costs and savings on disassembly, re-assembly and transport of machine can be realised.

Description of the tool
Mobile grinding tool serves for grinding and regrinding of desks clamped down to the head of molding machine. The mobile grinding tools can be fixed to the molding machine by mechanical magnet. Therefore there is no need to intervene in the structure of the machine. The mechanical magnets are used in order to avoid crash in case of electricity outage.

Benefits of the mobile grinding
The most advantage of mobile grinding is reduction of maintenance downtimes during grinding of the desks. Based on our experience, the desks are disassembled and transported to the specialized servicing companies, that have capability of grinding the desks of high weight and large dimensions. Currently there are few companies in the market that can provided the mentioned services. Therefore, the lead time of this specific request is relatively long. Currently, the lead time for grinding of one desk (of size 4 m²) is approximately 6-12 workdays including disassembly, grinding transport and re-assembly. Lead time for grinding of head of the molding machine is approximately 3-6 weeks (based on the size of molding machine).

Mobile grinding using the described procedure and technology helps significantly reduce the cost of maintenance downtimes. Using the new technology of mobile grinding can reduce the downtimes of one machine (where the grinding of desk with size 4 m² is required) to 10-15 hours.

Downtimes using the mobile grinding are dependent mainly on the depth of the grinding. Standard desks of size 3000x1500mm can be grinded and set by our mobile grinding tool with accuracy to 0,01mm, based on the existing desk wear. We also offer our services for large variety of the desks size, due to the ability of the mobile tool to adjust its frame to various size of desks.


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